What our customers say…


Biologika Bush Lemon Myrtle Shampoo for oily hair #1 Best Seller

“I use Biologika Bush Lemon Myrtle Shampoo daily. It has a nice lemony fragrance and is not foamy which allows me to rinse my hair quickly. Without the conditioner, it feels a bit dry. I will rate it 7 out of 10.” ~ By Chee Kiong (2017-07-31)


Biologika Citrus Rose Shampoo for damaged hair #2 Best Seller

“I would like to give a 7 out of 10. It is good for sensitive skin. My scalp is less sensitive now. It used to be very red and itchy. The conditioner is good and does not make my hair oily. The ingredients used are very suitable for having Healthy Hair. It does not affect my health as the shampoo and conditioner are of organic¬†origins. It is safe to use.” ~ By Joyce Tng (2017-08-01)

“I purchased a 500ml bottle of the Biologika shampoo and conditioner at EarthFest. I was skeptical at first, but I thought it couldn’t be any worse than the $50/bottle products I was using back then (the expensive bottles did not work on my hair, sad to say). Anyway, the product is simply amazing! I’m using Citrus Rose for damaged hair. My hair is coarse, thick, and naturally wavy. And this shampoo/conditioner has managed to soften it, without me having to use a lot of hair oil too! I’ve been using “salon brands” but to no avail. The first few washes were normal – didn’t really see a change in my hair condition, but I think my hair was adjusting and also the residue from the previous shampoo was probably there.” ~ By Denise Tan- a very happy customer (2018-04-07)


Biologika Lavender Shampoo for normal hair #3 Best Seller

“I would rate it a 7.5! I love the ingredients in the shampoo, all ¬†natural and cruelty free! it smells really soothing and amazing too! But personally, it was a bit hard adjusting to shampoos with no foam, nevertheless, my hair and scalp certainly felt clean and refreshed after every wash. It’s great that there is a similar fragrant conditioner to pair with the shampoo, certainly brought out the smell! hair feels smooth after every wash!” ~ By Jia Xin (I2017-08-03)
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